A1 Bedrooms & Kitchens

It was established over 35 years ago, starting from Southall's second-generation business—the original west end.
We provide excellent service and customer satisfaction first turnaround. We provide high-quality, affordable, bespoke furniture for every residential and commercial need. We have installed hundreds of spoken kitchens and bedrooms in South England.

A1 Bedrooms is a family-run business founded in 1972 in Kenya. When the family migrated to the UK in the early 80s and set up a shop on a modest premises in South Hall Market, it was decided to retain the same name, which had already built a reputation for reliable service and quality craftsmanship by then.
Initially retailing hardware and glass only to the local community, the business took a significant turn by introducing bespoke cabinets and multi-cultural units produced within the premises.

Projects Completed
Design Satisfaction

The ever-increasing demand for these products, sold reasonably, soon led to demand for supplying and installing fully-fledged kitchens and bedrooms, resulting in a move to larger premises in Harrow. With more space available in Harrow, the Company was able to invest in automated processes. The business continued to flourish and met the demand of more discerning
customers. Thus developing and supplying more personalized fittings. It has always been the Company policy to deliver the best quality at very reasonable rates and our belief that this can only be achieved by producing all major components in-house has meant further investments in the latest machinery with a further move to even bigger premises in Feltham.

We now occupy over 2800 sq. metres of floor space, producing our carcasses, sliding doors, and hinged doors of the highest quality in aluminium and MDF. We believe this dynamism and the drive to be the best has steered us to being the forerunners in the trade. We now provide comprehensive designer living spaces and cater to all your needs – in your kitchen, bedrooms, studies, lounge or bar. Our innovations are matched with in-house modern machinery and experienced artisans, from designers to installers, who all have a keen eye for detail. Our installations are carried out to a very high standard of finishing and come with a ten year guarantee.